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15-16 March 2018

Corporate Convention Center

Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Mongolia Gold 2017


-On the Conference period, the Ministry of Mining and Heavy industry and Petrovis Co., Ltd have signing in Memo for Gold 2 program.
-On the Conference period organizing many business meetings and totally 7 projects of gold mining and exploring can found investment and cooperation.
One of the efficient ways to recover from the economic crisis and financial difficulties in Mongolia is to increase
efficiency in economics with exports by increasing the gold mining. 45 percent of all the mining companies, are gold mining companies. Interest of the investors is increasing in the gold mining sector. Accordingly, the owners of gold prospecting and mining are seeking for the investment, cooperation and financial opportunities and upgrading operations such as gold mining, exploring, producing and supplying and investing to the new level.                                                      
“Mongolian Mining Exchange” successfully organized the “Mongolian Gold-2017” Forum of the investors of gold mining on the 17th of this month. Over 450 foreign and domestic agents have been attended and more than
20 speeches were presented in the Forum. And 27 companies held an exhibition about their know-how, technology and gold project during the Forum, and over 800 people attended the exhibition. GolomtBank attended as a
sponsor bank, and “Monpolimet Group”LLC as well as “Wagner Asia Equipment” LLC attended as sponsors of the Forum. And also, Mr. D. Baatartsogt,Chairman of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority, stated in his speech that “The works related to organizing the operations in professional level which includes primarily issuing special
licenses based on research made for Mongolian gold and other related mineral resources. So far, the operation plans and reports of the special licensed territory has been recorded including 542 for mineral resources exploitation in the field of gold mining, and approximately 1100 for gold prospecting. It is considered to be possible that
intensifying the operation related to the particular condition even it is possible to be introduced to the market in near days. The territory research with the promised resources are being conducted in detail.I have no doubt that as a
result of all these, the investment, environment friendly gold mining as well as amount of the gold mining resources and its production will be increased. Government of Mongolia approved a resolution on implementation of the
National program called “Gold-2”. Accordingly, it is assumed that the amount of the gold production will be increased by 2-3 tons per year and will reach up to 25 tons by 2025. “Mongolian Mining Exchange” brought all the members and stakeholders of the gold mining sector under one roof,and the Forum was conducted successfully and effectively.