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Hong Kong International Mining Association (“HKIMA”) was incorporated in November 2011
as a Hong Kong-based organization. In a favorable location and as an internationalized intermediary
expertise in Hong Kong, our Association aims at enhancing the business relations among China, Hong
Kong and the global mining industries and financial markets.
HKIMA was awarded with the Best Services organization in China Mining Congress 2013. So far, we
have been successful in hosting or co-hosting many training courses, seminars and roadshows with
West Australia government, BC government and Mexican government & private institutions in China
and Hong Kong.
Our online services include two websites (www.hkima.hk & www.ominet.com) and two WeChat
platforms (HKMining & Ominet) which have accumulated more than 60,000 followers and have
distributed more than 18,000 mining and related articles.
Through our O2O platforms, we have built a solid networking foundation within the mining industry.
With our offices in Beijing and Hong Kong that even help us to better serve both the Chinese and the
If you are seeking an effective channel to market your company in China and to meet with potential
investors, this is a great opportunity. Join our Association today!

HK Contact :Elsie Chung
Beijing Contact:王愛瑞
Mobile Phone: +852 9219 4392
Mobile Phone:+86 189 1149 8984
E-mail: elsie@hkima.hk
Website: www.hkima.hk
Website: www.ominet.com